We invented digital collecting

We’re eight years young. As a start-up in 2011 we invented digital stickers and trading cards. We know we did it the wrong way round (sigh!), but then we went looking for a market. We found it in sales and marketing promotions.

We’ve come a long way since our first sales lead – Ireland’s Ultimate Frisbee team (they didn’t go with us) – and now work with top European football competitions and teams, Hollywood movie franchises, European supermarket chains, and global fast food and snack brands.

What we’ve learned

You don’t become an overnight sensation overnight. That takes years of experimentation, perseverance, and luck.

The urge to complete is a powerful one that can be harnessed to drive repeat purchase and accelerated frequency of purchase for retailers and brands.

People will collect anything, from footballers to fish (yes we’ve got a fish product).

Good people can do great things.

What We've Achieved

Since 2011 we have been helping agencies, retailers and brands in UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Mexico, USA, Brazil, and if you’ve worked with us and we have left your country out take it up at the UN! Brands can be very testy about us using their names but we’ve worked with global FMCG, pan-European supermarket brands, and national and international sports teams and events.

We can advise and deliver the sales or marketing promotion for you. We can charge per promotion or you can lease the platform and do it yourself.

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