Create your own promotions

Fantom has its own content management system (CMS) usable by a graphic designer with no programming needed. If you run multiple promotions in a year, or have several clients who might benefit from collecting-based sales promotions, you may want to lease Fantom from us and build your own.

Fantom is cloud-based so there is no software installation needed. Fantom can be leased annually with a complete training and support package.


Easy build

Choose your promotion type - Instant Win, Collector Card, Sticker Book or Trading Cards. Create your backgrounds and collecting assets. Drop assets onto the page backgrounds, configure, and generate your sales promotion.

We’ll configure your data analytics, and email marketing engine or set you up to do it yourself.


Voucher System

Use the voucher system to generate codes and rewards for on-pack and social media promotions.



Reward collectors for hitting success milestones with achievements.

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