Instant win

Instant win is the simplest of all sales promotions. Make a purchase, get a game card, flip it over to see if you have won. Creates in-store excitement and instant gratification driving repeat purchase.


flip to win


Try again!

You win!

How it works

We can drive Instant Win prize promotions by time, date, geography, probability, age appropriateness and prize availability. A great way to drive excitement around a promotion.



Codes on product, packs, or on social unlock stickers that build to fill the album and earn rewards.

Codes are the basis of your promotion. The fundamental rule is “Play for free, use promotional codes to go faster”.

A ‘play for free’ element keeps it fun while you drive the promotion.



The user interface is available in 21 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, SA Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, and Chinese.



Fantom integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

The sticker book sits on the client’s website and Facebook page.

Collectors can post and tweet while collecting, and earn coins for taking social actions.

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